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What if life wasn’t as complicated or difficult as we make it? What if health was simple? The Made for Living Well podcast is the place where you step into who you are and unlock health that is already inside of you. You no longer have to wait or work to arrive! Health is here, right now, waiting to be lived. This podcast is shaking up the health space, showcasing that you are closer than you think. Inside, Alexa shares tangible tips and hacks to help you live out health, breaking down complex topics into simple and easy to understand ideas. Along with sharing her health secrets, she interviews the best in the industry in candid interviews that will leave you changed. With a million downloads and counting, Made For Living Well is the place to revolutionize your life to stop waiting and start living—creating a life well-lived.
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Apr 29, 2021

Balance is one of those tricky subjects I wanted to believe in, and I even fell into trying to achieve on some level in my life, but the chase for balance only led to more stress, leading me to question if balance exists.

So I broke up with balance.

I declared it unrealistic, and I found approximately 350 google articles in support of my argument.

But like most things in my life, when I make a hard stance in one direction, I often make a full circle that brings me face to face with that reality. Of course, the case for balance was no different.

Ironically, as I've been embarked on a five-year healing journey, I quickly realized, my life not only needed balance, it required it. So how did the two meet?

In one obvious and distinct idea that allowed me to fall in love with balance again.

Here's the big point:

Balance is not a destination or another place you have to achieve or chase to arrive, balance is an action that you take.


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Apr 20, 2021

I’m no stranger to stress. In some ways, I thrived in stress, even though I hated it. It sounds crazy to crave the very thing you hate. But in some subconscious way, I would create stress if there wasn’t enough of it.

It sounds rather dramatic.

But I think we’re all subject to this. Living stuck in places we long to get out of because, in some way, they’ve become safe. They’ve become our home leading us to find stress when we feel like it’s missing.

Making us masters of our own misery.

But we know that stress is a leading culprit in the disease process. Throwing our bodies out of balance and neglecting the very essence of health inside of ourselves. That’s why this topic is so important and why I’m thankful to have stress-expert Trudy Stone on the podcast.

In this podcast, we dive into her guide to making stress work for you. Ending the co-dependent relationship with stress and helping you to create a life of thriving.


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Apr 15, 2021

Your brain is a powerful organ. In fact, you could say it's one of the most powerful organs and the energy it needs to run proves that. Your brain is responsible for consuming 20% more energy than any other organ. And a reduction in energy can lead to more than just brain fatigue. 

An energy-deprived brain can cause a range of debilitating diseases including depression. What was once formally thought of as a chemical imbalance, we now understand as an energy-starved brain. 

Inside this podcast, I interview Dr. Doug Pucci on brain energy and how to boost your energy flow to enhance your brain power. 

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Mar 23, 2021

Emotional energy or emotional healing is a hard topic. But what if it is the topic we need to be talking about? Of course, I do wish health was just a matter of what you eat and how much you exercise. I wish it were as easy as a calculation, even though I know my rebellious spirit could never get on board. 

But that's not how health works.

If you've followed any sort of calculation, you know it's not as easy as adding up the food you eat or inserting it into the app. There's more at play than an equation of calories in equals calories out, and that is what your body does with what you provide.

Making health more complicated than paying attention to only the external factors of health like how much you eat or how much you move.

But what your body does with what you provide is the key to health. And learning this can change your health for life.


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Feb 26, 2021


Alexa Schirm         
How To Get More Energy and Stop Storing Body Fat           
Looking to feel more energized? Inside this podcast, I share the secrets you need to feel more energized and stop storing body fat. Take this quiz to pinpoint where your energy level currently is and how to get an energy fix.

If you’re feeling exhausted, you’re not alone. We can look at Starbucks stock and recognize this world lives on caffeine, and if you’re not tired, are you even human?

I get it. I remember the days of owning a gym and teaching the 5:00 am class with a toddler and a newborn. After waking up numerous times a night to feed the baby and a few times to put the toddler back to bed, it felt like I was a walking zombie for years.

I look back and wonder if that was even safe? And I certainly know it wasn’t healthy. But sleep deprivation was my life state. And the only way I could figure out how to survive was caffeine, food, and sleep whenever I could get a moment of shutting my eyes.

The truth was, everything in life felt out of control, from home life to my eating patterns and my mood. The exhaustion was real, and I thought I just needed to die to the reality that this was my new normal.

But I didn’t want to live that way. 

Luckily, I found the answer to exhaustion wasn’t another complex system but simplicity. It was more straightforward than tracking foods and more life-giving than being defeated by the number on the scale. Health is not as simple as a calculation. While it may seem like the easy answer, it doesn’t seem to work that way.


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Feb 14, 2021

How many carbohydrates should you eat? Are they good for you? What about protein and fat...
And the great macronutrient debate continues, but it's time to put it to rest. In this episode, I share what you need to know about macronutrients and how many you should eat. 


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Feb 3, 2021
Health is a feeling. I know it sounds cliche but understanding this changed my health. It took a far off destination and turned it into something I could live every day. If you listen to no other podcasts, you have to hear this one. Because I believe you can experience health today and inside I show you how. 


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Feb 1, 2021

If you're struggling to get healthy, you're not alone.
Health has been a hard thing to come by. It feels like all of the stars in the universe need to align at the perfect time and in the perfect environment for you to get close to living healthy.
It feels like a long lost dream.

But I've questioned, is this the purpose of health? Or have we made it more difficult than it needs to be? Inside this episode, I share the reason you're not getting healthy and how to fix it.


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Jan 7, 2021

Simple Roots Radio may be coming to an end but something new is just about ready to launch. That is a brand new podcast, aimed at practical everyday steps to help you live out health. I believe it's inside of you, you just need to activate it. The new show will be called Made For Living Well - learn everything you need to know about the changes inside this episode. 

Jul 28, 2020

Cravings are powerful, but you are more powerful. Inside this post, you'll learn how to stop sugar cravings without changing what you eat by learning how cravings work. It's not about getting rid of the cravings but channeling them for something good.

If I could just quit sugar?

Why can't I stop eating carbs?

If I could just stop the sugar cravings?

They feel suffocating and all so real. I have first-hand experience with cravings, but who doesn't. It's in our design to have cravings - we were made to crave. So if you feel like you're overwhelmed by your cravings, remember, it's a human thing. 

But just because humans crave, does not mean our cravings should control us! 

While powerful, they are not more powerful than you. Rather than living your life craving and then trying to avoid your cravings, what if you could learn the biology of craving and turn it to use for good? 

Cravings are the beginning of desire that we can use to unleash health in your life. 

It's not about getting rid of cravings but channeling them in a healthy and positive way. Inside today's podcast, we talk about how you can change your cravings, even those sugar cravings, from unhealthy behaviors to desire. And it has nothing to do with what you eat and everything to do with what you perceive. 


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Jul 22, 2020

Stress gets a bad wrap. In fact, I believe we've gone as far as to fear stress that now we're stressed because of the fear that we might be stressed. It's a violent trap that leaves us looking for a faraway land of perfection, comfort, and safety in a place it doesn't exist - not with a stressed based mindset at least. 

Stress has been villainized and while this is partially true, it's not completely accurate. 

There are different forms of stress that are birthed from your perception that take on different meaning in our lives. 

But if we go back to the original design of humans, one thing is clear - our bodies are designed to encounter stress and not just encounter it but thrive off of it. 

If those two things sound counterintuitive, this podcast is for you. 

Inside, I break down why your body needs stress, especially to lose weight and get healthy and how to change your view of stress to open up true healing inside of your body. 

Did I mention, health is not nearly as complicated as we make it out to be?


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Jul 8, 2020

Most people believe you're stuck with the DNA you are born with. While this is partially true, it's not what really matters. The defining point in health is not your DNA but how your DNA is expressed. Inside this blog, we're going to talk about how you can use energy to change your DNA and change your health.


Energy is the name of the game - specifically, how do you get more energy?

But energy can be a confusing subject and one that doesn't get much air time.

Ironically, we tend to measure everything outside the body in terms of energy, yet we fail to see how powerful it is inside the body. 

Energy is the very thing our body needs to thrive, and yet it's the one thing, so many of us wish we had more. But what would change if you started to see energy for what it is? Not a matter of how much or how little you have but recognizing that you have an infinite amount. 

The problem isn't in lacking energy but in how you channel it knowing that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Dr. Misak came on the show to talk about the power of energy inside of your body and the effect it has on how it can change your DNA. In this podcast, we dive into longevity, stress, emotional energy, and so much more. 


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Jun 30, 2020

Hormones get a bad rap. They are known to cause everything under the sun, including weight gain, exhaustion, and acne. But what if your hormones weren't actually to blame?

I'm going out on what could be a very controversial limb to argue that your hormones aren't to blame for what ails you - but your energy is. The typical hormonal equation is;

hormones become imbalanced = weight gain, exhaustion, hot flashes, etc.

But today I want you to see, your hormones don't just fall out of balance and when they do, it's not your hormones you need to fix as much as it is the root and that is your energy.

Which means the real equation looks more like this:

decrease in healthy energy = imbalanced hormones = weight gain, exhaustion, hot flashes

What would change if we shifted our focus from hormones to energy? You might just find that your hormones don't rebalance, but everything in life seems healthier. 

Inside today's podcast, we talk about this and how your energy is responsible for your hormones. And more importantly, we break down how to change your energy flow to walk in hormonal health. 

It's no longer the chicken or the egg, it's always energy before hormones. Learn more in today's podcast.


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Jun 22, 2020

We all want more energy, the question is how much energy will you spend trying to get more energy? Inside, you'll learn the one thing you need to change to get more energy instantly. 

Do you want more energy? Welcome to the club they say - but what if I told you it wasn't an exclusive club but inclusive? Inside I share the one thing you need to change to get more energy instantly. 

Energy has been my focus for the last year. After years and years and years of nutrition work, studying, questioning, more questions, and more studying why we haven't settled on anything that works for the majority of people in the health space - I was determined to uncover something that would. 

That's when I came face to face with the concept of energy. 

I know the word energy can feel a little woo-woo, especially in the faith space. It seems bizarre to talk about energy as the driving force of health, happiness, and joy. But I promise you're going to want to hear me out, especially today as I talk about the overarching determining factor of your health - that is your beliefs. 

Inside today's podcast, I share the one thing you need to change to get more energy instantly. You will learn how your beliefs determine your thoughts, which are the driving force behind your actions. How our beliefs dictate how much energy you have and what you can do to transform your health. 


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Jun 15, 2020

What if you didn't need another diet, you just needed more energy? Inside this post, I share how you how to boost energy to lose weight and get healthy.


Exhausted? Welcome to the world of adulting! It feels like a right of passage in today's world, but this concept of energy is more valuable than we give it credit. It's not something to brush off and learning to boost your energy could be the very thing that helps you lose weight and get healthy. 

Welcome to the healthy energy series - the place where I talk in-depth about energy and how to get more of it. It is the very topic that we hear little about and yet ends the confusion. 

If you want to get healthy - you must know about energy, and that is what this entire series is for - understanding how you can move from energy debt into abundance. 

Today on the podcast, we are diving into the concept of energy, what energy means, how to measure it in the body and determine if you're living in energy debt or abundance. 

On the show, we talk about energy abundance - which sounds a little fishy right off of the bat. While scarcity is prevalent, it doesn't mean it's normal, and that is what we break down today on the podcast. 


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Jun 8, 2020

Essential oils, where do you even start, and what do you really need to know? Today I interview an essential oil expert and outline 7 ways to use essential oils for health. 

I'm an amateur when it comes to essential oils. From all of the research about health, I haven't tapped into or shared about essential oils, honestly, for no other reason than just time. The funny thing about essential oils is I've used them for a very long time. 
While it's always intrigued me, I tend to stick with the basics. It wasn't until my personal health journey enticed me into using essential oils to open up my body and allow healing that I felt intrigued to learn more. 
Even more, numerous podcast guests and health experts have mentioned during the show, about their usage of essential oils. So today, I wanted to declare my love of oils, jump that bandwagon and expose you to another tool of health.
Today, I am breaking down how to use essential oils for health with my friend, Leatha Arant. The one I've learned from, trust, and am always so encouraged by. Learn more about essential oils in today's podcast and follow along as I share seven ways to use essential oils for health.


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May 27, 2020

Mornings aren't everyone's cup of cold brew. They can be an abrupt awakening to peaceful slumber when all you want is five more minutes! But I promise, you can develop a morning routine you'll actually stick to and you're in the right place to learn how. 

Rhythms are a natural part of life - you may not call them rhythms but this is our unconscious behavior. They are the patterns of life that shape what we do. I like to think of rhythms as our natural flow of life and behavior. 

Rhythms are truly where we see our lives start to shape around. Whether for good or for bad. That is why, even more than habits it is important to take notice of your daily rhythms and start to understand the little things that you do habitually that could add up over time. 

On today's podcast, I have Rebekah Lyon's on to talk about Rhythms of Renewal. We dive into healthy rhythms, why they are important, and how she established them in her own life.

She also shares her favorite rhythm and that is a morning routine. Keep reading to learn how to develop a morning routine you'll actually stick to.


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May 13, 2020

Hormones, they feel heavy {and I don't mean that literally}. It seems like every woman everywhere is struggling with hormonal control but what is the answer? Today we dive into the most commonly asked questions I get about hormonal imbalance and what to do about it.

Hormones are a sensitive subject for many people. They seem overwhelming and annoying. Trust me, I get it. I've had my own share of hormonal struggles that I've work hard to overcome in the past.

Through that, I realized the hormone help I needed wasn't as far off as I thought.

Today on the podcast, I interview Dr. Anna Cabeca. Dr. Anna is a triple-board certified OBGYN who has worked with thousands of women one-on-one to help them understand and improve their health and manage their hormones. 

On today's show, I ask Dr. Anna the most pressing health questions I receive and they all relate to the dreaded hormonal symptoms such as:

Why do I have hot flashing during menopause?
I can't seem to stop my body from packing on the pounds?
My hair won't stop falling out.
I have no sex drive
And many more. It's a show worth listening to that will answer the entire range of hormonal questions you may have. 


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May 6, 2020

You want to get healthy and make habits that last. You know what you should be doing, the question is how do you get yourself to do. Inside I share 10 tiny habits that will change yourself without taking all of your time.

Six weeks of repetitive behavior is the key to creating habits - or is it? 

I've long thought that if I just repeated something healthy long enough, it would automatically stick. The only discipline I needed was that initial six-weeks, and then it would just be a part of who I was. 

On some level - it seemed realistic. Most good things come with a level of discipline. On the other side, no matter how long I prevailed, nothing seemed to stick, at least not in the way I had hoped. 

These habits I was trying to form always seemed like an uphill battle that went well some days, and yet others felt like a miserable failure. Until I realized I had the wrong view of habit formation. 

It wasn't strictly about pushing through and using willpower - but behavior modification involved more of me - my drive, motivation, and ability. 

Inside today's podcast, I interview behavioral scientists, BJ Fogg, Ph.D. He founded the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University and is the leading scientific authority on habits. I ask him questions about what creates a habit, how hard we have to push ourselves, and how to make things stick. 


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Apr 29, 2020

How do you fix your hormones? It feels like a million-dollar answer that is looming out in the unknown. While it has felt impossible in the past, thanks to the new work being done on genetics, we have a new personalized view of how your hormones work and how to optimize them. 

What we know doesn't work is standardizing hormones. 

You can't put a number on it - making it extremely difficult to prescribe hormonal medication, because even on a day-to-day level your hormones are reacting in unique ways. 

But what if we could personalize hormones? What if you could figure out precisely what your body needs and provide that - could we then heal our hormones without just slapping a bandaid on them? 

Inside today's podcast, I speak with a leading geneticist in the field of hormones, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed. He is the founder of The DNA Company and is doing extensive work on understanding hormones, personally, on a genetic level.

What I love most about Dr. Mansoor is his drive to take what we commonly look at as a vocabulary {genetic code} and instead works to understand the language. How does the vocabulary work together to make sense as a language? 

This changes the game. 

Inside today's podcast, I talk with Dr. Mansoor about:

  • The difference between men and women's hormonal flow
  • What women should know about "fixing" their hormones?
  • If the birth control pill is helpful or hurtful. 
  • How we can predict menopause. 

And so much more. Make sure you listen to the podcast to learn how to personalize your hormones. 


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Apr 15, 2020

There are a few critical elements, true facts that needed to be stated about anxiety before we can learn to deal with it. Inside this post, I share how you can deal with anxiety in just 10 minutes.

We are living in uncertain times - which always brings anxiety to the forefront, even more so. But isn't that the truth about anxiety - it can show it's ugly head in a matter of moments during any uncertain event? 

But what I hope and pray you that you know about anxiety is that it doesn't have to define you - at least not in the way you've been told. Even more, you have power over your anxiety. Inside today's podcast, I talk with Ali Damron about a subject plaguing our nation - that is the grips that anxiety and uncertainty are having on us. 

In the podcast, we talk about the true cause of anxiety, how to regain power over anxiety and your mind, build confidence and move forward even when life seems risky.


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Apr 8, 2020

Vagus nerve stimulation is something we should all be familiar with. It is the key to rest and relaxation. Inside this post, I teach you what your vagus nerve is, why it's important and 5 free ways to stimulate it.

There's nothing that puts fire in my bones quite like understanding how the body works together as one unit. As much as we like to break our body down into specific units and parts to understand the intricate workings better - we can't argue that it's not how each system works separately but how it works as a whole unit. 

Even our emotions and thoughts are influencing the whole system and why I'm so passionate about bringing this area to light. Mostly because it doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves. 

To understand the system - from emotions to our hormones - we have to follow the workings of the central nervous system. Inside's today podcast, I talk with nervous system excerpt Dr. Katinka van der Merwe founder of The Spero Clinic. 

Dr. Katinka has done fantastic work in healing the central nervous system helping those who have no hope. She specifically works with patients with chronic pain syndrome, and the testimonials are amazing. 

If you suffer from chronic pain or other conditions, check out The Spero Clinic to learn more if it could help you. 

On today's podcast, I talk with Dr. Katinka about the central nervous system, how it controls our bodies functioning, how and where blockages occur, and how we can prevent nervous system problems in our lives. 

Inside the podcast, Dr. Katinka dives into vagus nerve stimulation and how this can impact the health of your body. So what is the vagus nerve? Let me explain and teach you at home-ways to stimulate the vagus nerve.


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Apr 1, 2020

We all experience seasonal changes, we even see the seasonal changes that affect the landscape around us - but did you know, those changes are changing your body as well? It's easily one of the most overlooked and potentially beneficial aspects of health, eating seasonally. Learn what you need to know about the seasons and how it affects your metabolism inside this post.



Seasons affect us just as much as the landscape around us. The animals gather and store for winter, and the leaves shed, allowing the trees to go dormant and bud in the spring. Just as much as the plants experience seasonal change, so does your body.

In fact, nearly all functions in your body change with the changing of the seasons. Your gut bacteria turn over {1}, your immune system changes {2}, and your hormones and mood changes {3}. Your body is changing with the changing of the seasons, regardless of if you live in a climate-controlled 68 degrees all year long and eat the same foods 365 days a year. 

The problem isn't the changes that occur but failing to change with the changing of seasons. Inside this podcast, we dive into the biological changes that happen as the season's change and how you can provide to enhance the function of your body. 

To work with it instead of against it. 


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Mar 25, 2020

Stress isn't something I have to explain. It seems to be the way of life. But in our attempts to de-stress, I wonder are we actually getting more stressed? 

Hear me out. 

It seems we have more 'self-help' books and classes than ever before. Combine that with the trend of self-care and the desire to be healthier, I fear we're getting more overwhelmed with information than we are taking action because we're truly informed. 

I have more people than I can count tell me, "I do everything right, I eat well and exercise and yet I still gain weight."

Do you relate? 

Or maybe you better relate to this statement, "There's so much information out there, I don't even know what to do."

I think we're taking something intended for the good of ourselves, health and we're twisting it into the very thing stealing our health. Even more, we're ruining our lives by allowing our fixation on the outcome to deter us from fully living where we are. 

So my question that I want to answer today, what if what we thought was bad, is actually good and the good actually bad? Maybe better said, what if our fixation on health is causing more stress, taking something intended for good and making it bad? And what if a little bit of the right stress can actually be used for our good? 

Today on the podcast, I break down good stress vs. bad stress and how to use stress to your advantage - for health and life. 

Deep breathes - this could be the beginning of something new and beautiful.


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Mar 18, 2020

Self-love is a confusing topic in this day in age. In one breath you are told to love yourself no matter your size and yet the world still feels like it's constantly forcing us to be a certain size. What is right and how do you actually love yourself no matter your size? 

Self-love is a topic that comes with a lot of fluff. It looks glamorous, and Instagram worthy, something to be documented and recorded. But is that love, or is a formulated version of what we think will make us feel love? 

And if it's not love, what is? How do we unearth ourselves to love but also live loved? 

These are all questions I'm pondering and considering as I dive into the true meaning of health, and there is no better person to help me do this than Sean Mulroney of The Obesity Revolution.

I don't want to share Sean's full story here; you'll hear him tell you himself inside the podcast. But I did want to ask Sean, a formerly 687-pound man, what does it mean to love yourself even at 687 pounds? 

I also ask Sean what sparked the change in his life, how his mindset plays a role, and what he is currently learning on his journey of health, not just weight loss. 


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